Engage With Customers via Instant Messaging

Hunt iM helps you engage with customers through multiple social chat & instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, BotIM, etc. by providing a simple interface to send bulk message campaigns and personalized event based notifications.



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Why Hunt iM?

Instant Messaging to Engage with Customer | SMS Marketing Redefined

We know it for a fact that when it comes to your business marketing campaigns, you are anxious and worried, about the money and time you are spending, to engage with the potential clients. A cold feeling of uncertainty, uninformed, & incognizant, deviates your attention from the primary objectives.

Well not anymore! With our service you can stop worrying about hunting for clients and give your complete attention to your primary objective.

Hunt iM is your personal SMS Campaign Manager, designed and tailored to your business needs. It serves as a personal assistant who works round the clock & is always on a hunt for potential clients, and growing your business.

Budget Management

Know where your SMS marketing campaign budget is being spent via our flexible plans & strong reporting.

Controlled Reach

Take out unresponsive leads out of your campaigns. They only waste the campaign budget.

Customized Campaigns

Stop being blackmailed by legacy SMS providers. Hunt iM offers customized campaigns.

Key Features

Unlike outdated service of legacy SMS Marketing, Hunt iM comes loaded with all the features of any modern-era Social Chat Application. Be it WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, or BotIM, the possibilities are limit-less.

Read Confirmation

The best feature that makes Hunt iM stands out of crowd. For each message in a campaign, Hunt iM will provide "Delivery" & "Read" status.

Unlimited Characters

Unlike a cap of 160 characters in legacy SMS system, Hunt iM offers Unlimited (Sign) Character Count for your campaigns.

Multimedia Messages

Hunt iM offers Picture, Gif, Video, & Document attachments in messages. Moreover, Hunt iM can help you create a personalized Multimedia Campaign.

Smart URL Preview

All the URLs shall support preview feature based on the social meta tags and the platform you are selecting to serve the campaign.

Per Campaign Budget

For the first time, we are offering per campaign budgeting instead of bulk SMS purchase. The Campaign Budget is flexible and is tailored to your business needs.


At the end each campaign, a comprehensive report will be available to download in PDF format. This report will help in better targeting of future campaigns.


We strongly believe in your as-well-as our privacy. Which is why, Hunt iM will never ever provide clients’ database/list. We would only serve to the businesses having their own database/list.

Contact List Management

You can manage your contacts in your dashboard. This contact list will be private to you only and no other business can see it however, you can always delete your contact list at the end of campaign to safeguard your privacy.

Personalization Ready

If requested Hunt iM will assign a number to a business, which only that particular business will use to serve their campaigns. Hunt iM can also accept this number from businesses

Are You Ready To Hunt?

Let's get you on board, it is as simple as sending a text message.

How it Works?

Using Hunt iM is a child's Play. It is as simple as sending an SMS or Text Message.

How it works? (01. Upload Contacts)


Upload Contacts

Client uploads their contacts by using a CSV or Excel file.

How it works? (03. Select Contacts)


Select Contacts

Client selects the contacts that they wish the message to.

How it works? (02. Analyze Contacts)


Analyze Contacts

ystem analyzes the uploaded contacts and gives a summary of contacts present on Social Chat or Instant Messaging platform.

How it works? (04. Compose Message)


Compose Message

Client compose a message (infinite character count) and previews the campaign.

How it works? (05. Confirm Campaign)


Confirm Campaign

Upon confirmation, the messages are sent to selected contacts.

How it works? (06. Reports)



Once a campaign is served completely, the reports are generated.

Our Pricing

Whether you are a Start Up or SME, we have a right solution for you at a right price, specially tailored to your affordability.

Start Up

Rs 5,000

Per Campaign

Clients: 50,000

Reports: Yes

Support: Yes

Retention: 10 Days

Small Business

Rs 7,000

Per Campaign

Clients: 100,000

Reports: Yes

Support: Yes

Retention: 15 Days

Medium Enterprise

Rs 10,000

Per Campaign

Clients: 200,000

Reports: Yes

Support: Yes

Retention: 30 Days



Need More?

Are you a Large Enterprise? Are you looking for More Bigger Campaigns?
More Clients, More Reports, More Retention?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the basic FAQs are answered here, however you can always contact us any time to ask any ambiguity.



Can anyone use it??

Any business who wants to do SMS Marketing is welcome to use it anytime.



Who will provide the target contacts?

As per our privacy policy, we do not store or share target contacts from other businesses using Hunt iM. You will have to upload your contact in a CSV (Excel) format.



Can I have my own Sending Number?

Hunt iM allows business to host personal number at a minimal charge. Our support team is 24/7 available to assist you. Alternatively, you can also lock a number from Hunt iM.



Can I have a Custom Sender ID?

You cannot have a custom Sender ID. However you can acquire a number particular number, which will be used to serve your campaigns only.


Coming Soon

Service for Short Codes and 2 Step Authentication?

We are currently working on developing a "REST API" for this purpose, which will enable integration with any CMS or CRM.



What is Pay per Campaign?

Unlike Bulk SMS providers, we do not charge per SMS, we charge per campaign. Which means you choose your campaign based on your need and once a campaign is served, you will have to create a new campaign.

Let's Get Started!

Isn't it exciting what Hunt iM can do for your business? Let us do the hard work, while you just sit back, relax, and focus on other things.

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